Our giant games are a great way to get children outside to play with peers, family members or other care givers whilst concurrently developing their social and motor skills, and even early mathematical skills. Playing giant games such as tumbling towers or the bean toss game teaches children about turn taking…. early mathematical skills whilst counting items in 3 or 4 in a row or how many pins have been knocked over.


We all remember Jenga© growing up and the skill involved to remove blocks without the tower tumbling down. Our tumbling towers are a giant version of Jenga©, best played outside a group of friends or with the whole family. Children are able to develop motor skills and the concentration required to carefully remove blocks and replace them on the stack without it falling over.

Constructed from: Pinewood

Dimensions: 50 Pieces – 18cm x 6cm x 3.7cm each

Price: $166


Connect 4© comes to life in this giant game of four in a row where children learn early mathematical skills, turn taking and develop spatial ability and motor skills whilst playing the game.

Constructed From: MDF & Wood

Dimensions: 77cm x 58cm

Price: $236